Amsterdam Photowalk #3: Rain Edition

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Looks like I’m joining Amsterdam Photowalks more and more regularly. This time, it was the biggest event so far – around 12 of us, braving the rainy weather for a two-hour walk. We kicked off at 6 PM at Dam square under light clouds hiding the golden hour sun and wrapped it up on neon-lit streets after sunset.

Rain or Shine, We Snap: Amsterdam welcomed us with its signature drizzle, but photographers are a determined bunch. Armed with umbrellas and camera gear, we set out to capture the city’s charm in the rain. No weather could dampen our spirits!

A Bigger Squad, More Creativity: Having more photographers in the mix meant more creative ideas. We were a diverse group, each with our own style and vision. It was inspiring to see how others framed the same scenes differently.

Golden Rain Hour: The rain added an unexpected twist to our photos. Shiny wet streets reflected the city lights, creating unique compositions. The soft, diffused light of the evening was perfect for moody shots and vibrant colors.

Neon Dreams: When darkness finally descended, we moved to the shopping streets full of artificial lights and colours. Plus, two of us brought some light with us: colour LED sticks and panels breathed new life into our shots.

Wrapping Up with Memories: As the clock struck 8 PM, we gathered for a final group shot. Our cameras were filled with a day’s worth of creativity and adventure. Rain or shine, we’d captured Amsterdam’s essence.

Photography Unites: This photowalk was a reminder that photography is about more than just taking pictures. It’s about exploration, creativity, and connection. Through rain and neon lights, we formed bonds and froze memories that will last a lifetime.

So, next time you see rain clouds on the horizon, don’t let them deter you. Grab your camera, rally your friends, and go capture some unforgettable moments. Who knows what surprises Mother Nature has in store for you?

Till the next photoshoot,
Minras 🌧️🌆📸

July sunset at North Sea

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Hey folks,

This photoshoot with my amazing group of friends happened in July 2023, with a breathtaking North Sea sunset as our backdrop. The sun was setting, and the beach was calling.

Beach Vibes: We hit the beach just as the sun was going down. It was perfect – sandy shores, rolling waves, and a North Sea horizon painted in hues of orange and blue-gray. No better spot to hang out.

Golden Hour Magic: The sunset cast this warm, dreamy light. We couldn’t resist snapping away. Laughing, splashing in the sea, and building sandcastles – we got it all.

Friends: Our gang made for some entertaining shots. The guys goofing around, the girls having a blast – we had our own little beach party going.

Nature’s Beauty: The North Sea provided the perfect landscape for the background. Waves crashing, seagulls squawking – it all added to the atmosphere. Nature was our co-star.

Silhouette Game: We tried some silhouette shots as the sun said its goodbyes. It was pretty cool – dark figures against the fiery sky. We even took shots of each other doing our thing.

Making Memories: As the sun disappeared, we gathered for a group shot. It was a day we’d remember for a long time. Our cameras were filled with fun, and it was a blast.

Life’s a Beach: Photography is just about freezing moments. This day was a reminder that some of the best moments are shared with friends, especially on a beach at sunset.

Next time you hit the beach with friends, bring your camera. You’ll end up with some awesome memories to look back on.

Amsterdam Photowalk: Street Photography & Candid Portraits

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Hey Photo Pals,

I gotta spill the beans on this two-hour photowalk we did in Amsterdam on September 7th, 2023. We hit the streets, and it was all about capturing that raw, unfiltered vibe through street photography and approaching strangers for killer candid portraits.

Setting the Stage: We kicked things off near Waterlooplein (and Amsterdam University of the Arts 🙂 ), an hour before the sun was turning Amsterdam into a golden dreamland. The city was alive, and we couldn’t wait to capture its soul.

Snapping Up the Streets: We roamed around, camera in hand, capturing all those moments that make Amsterdam unforgettable. Every corner had something special to offer.

People Power: The real adrenaline rush? Asking strangers for portraits! Our mission was to capture people’s essence, and we nailed it.

Photographer-on-Photographer Action: Oh, and the best part? We turned our lenses on each other. Snapping our fellow photographers in action made the experience even more awesome. It was like a behind-the-scenes look at the making of our photographic adventure.

Final Snap: As we wrapped up, our memory cards were bursting with Amsterdam’s spirit. It’s not just about clicking pics; it’s about telling stories and connecting with people. Amsterdam, you were a gem, and this photowalk was a blast!

If you’re into photography, don’t miss out on photowalks. They’re like a creative treasure hunt in your city or wherever you land. Grab your camera and start exploring!

Till the next snap,

Minras 📸✌️

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